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By Tai and Andrew

This fossil from the museum is phenomenal. My partner and I got a fucus but we think it is really a Crinoid. It is kind of hard to describe this organism and its ecosystem because there was so much information. The organism had interesting facts to learn. We really enjoyed researching the fossil.

The way Crinoids look is kind of amazing to me and my partner. At first we thought it was a fucus which is a kind of seaweed, because that is what it was labeled at the museum. After researching we found a picture of a Crinoid. It looked a lot like the picture we had taken of our fossil. The Crinoid looks like a plant because of the arms. The holdfast which looks looks like roots keeps them attached to the ground. The columnal looks like a stem. Because of all of these similarities we decided that the fossil was not labeled correctly. We believe it is really a Crinoid!

The Crinoid’s ecosystem was interesting. The earliest Crinoids date back to the Ordovician Period. It was an underwater organism living in the ocean. In the Crinoid’s ecosystem there were a lot of fish.

There are amazing and interesting facts about Crinoids. For example, as the Crinoids become adults they start to move from place to place.

As you can see the Crinoid fossil is fantastic. The way Crinoids look is breathtaking and their ecosystem was grand. There are really interesting facts about the Crinoids that can be found on the internet and in books. The Crinoids are really splendid fossils.

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